Find Your Best Friends- And Improve Your Health!

When many people think of health, fruits and vegetables come to mind. While eating well is a great part of a healthy lifestyle, there are so many other important factors involved in truly being healthy. One factor that often gets overlooked is maintaining a healthy social life. Social networks are wonderful for making people feel they are valued and supported. When you feel valued and supported, you are happier, which can improve mental health. Better yet, if you are able to exercise with a social circle, you are helping your mental and physical health. Good mental and physical health are key to healthy aging.

It is common to feel your social circle continues to get smaller as you age, resulting in loneliness. However, social circles do not have to shrink simply because you are aging.

Luckily, you can increase your social circle and improve your physical health at a program right here in Florence County! The program is called StrongBodies, and it is an evidence-based  strength-training program for older men & women. It will increase your strength and bone density, improve arthritic symptoms and flexibility, and reduce your risk for falls. This class has got me moving and built up my endurance.   It has helped me gain muscle and lower my blood sugar.  I’m happier” – Strong Bodies Participant. On top of all this, you will increase your social circle by being surrounded by a group of amazing, supportive people.

Florence County Strong Bodies has received state recognition by reaching 87 participants in 2023. Tierany Rugg and Sue Arcaro are leading the efforts in expanding access and facilitating more classes in Florence County. “A year ago I fell very ill, going to the Strong Bodies class has helped me regain my strength and helped with my balance issues. I strongly believe these classes have helped tremendously” – Strong Bodies Participant. The University of Wisconsin Extension also offers Statewide Virtual Classes. If you are interested in learning more about Strong Bodies please contact Tierany Rugg at or call (715) 528-4480 ext. 5.

Make your mind and body healthy by starting your journey to active, healthy aging and increasing your social circle at StrongBodies Florence County!

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