Past Sustainable Forestry Conferences

 Past Sustainable Forestry Conferences

Sustainable Forestry Conferences

2005 2005 SF Brochure  Overview of Forest Industry Trends & Local Impacts
 The Road to Forest Sustainability
Community Economic Action Programs
Criteria & Indicators from a County Level
2006 2006 SF Brochure Wood Products Industry Clusters
2007 2007 SF Brochure Assessing Forestry Industry Cluster in Florence County
2008 2008 SF Brochure Wood-Heated School
Bioenergy Project Siting
Pine River Hardwoods
NCTC Wood Technology Education
Woodlinks Education
WI Woody Biomass Opportunities
NWTC Sustainable Education
Bioenergy Feasibility Analysis
2009 2009 SF Brochure Biomass Combustion Opportunities Through Focus on Energy
New Sawmill Case Study
Feedstock Supply Chain and Centers of Energy Excellence Update
Take Sustainability Out of the Woods
North American and Global Forest Market Trends
Energy Biomass and Other Abstract Ideas
2009 Survey Summary
2010 2010 SF Brochure Carbon Credits & Carbon Markets
Wood Energy Crops
Logger Survival: More then Trees to Cut
Forest Health
Timber Availability Update
Emerging Biomass/Value-Added Facilities
2010 Survey Results – Loggers & Truckers
2010 Survey Results – Businesses
2011 2011 SF BROCHURE  Legislative Survey Results – Wendy Gehlhoff
Timber Harvest Trends: Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest – Paul Strong
WI Statewide Forest Assessment & Strategy – Rebecca Gass
MI Forest Resource Assessment and Strategy – David Price
WI Forest Industry – Terry Mace
Working Forest Easements – Tina Hall
2013 2013 SF Brochure Young Forest Initiative
Rail Transit Update
Rail Transit Market Study
Medical Facility Biomass
Forests and Tourism
Forest Tree Pests
2014 2014 SF BROCHURE Why use Wood
Forestry and Wildlife
Biomaterials_Opportunities and Challenges
2015 2015 SF BROCHURE Boyd – Tools to Increase Restoration Activities on the National Forest
Cook – Riparian Zones To Manage or Not
Dallman – Northeast Wisconsin Forest Improvement Collaborative
Keith – Lyme Disease and Co-Infections
Lyon Buntrock – Forest Products Utilization and Marketing-Industry Updates Sawmill Trends
O’Neil – MI Forest Advisory Councils
Peterson – SRI Master Stewardship Agreement Project-Region 9
Schienebeck Severt-WI Council on Forestry
Sichmeller – Northern Long-eared Bats
Tallier – Restore Forest Service Property Lines
2016 2016 SF Brochure Forest Industry Update – Scott Bowe

2016 Threatened and Endangered Species Update – Drew Feldkirchner 

MI & WI White Nose Syndome & Northern Long Eared Bat – Bill Scullon

Forest Health Update – Linda Williams

Forest Health Update – Bob Heyd

Cooperative Activities and Opportunities on the National Forest – Tory Hahka
Sustainable Forestry in Wisconsin – Curt Wilson
EyesOnTheForest – Bill Cook & Mike Schira
2017 SF Brochure 2017 MI State Forest Visions-Begalle
Argonne Experimental Forest Projects – Kern
Future Markets – Brashaw
Panel_Ashland Mat – Lee
Panel_Expera – DeLano
Panel_Potlach – Johnson
WoodBasedThermal – Cook
Technologies to Access Wet Soil – Windmuller-Campione
Private Non-Industrial Forest Trends – Butler
Invasive Updates – Page
Great Lakes TPA Updates – Schienebeck
2018  2018 SF Brochure  USFS Harvesting Program and Data – Paul Strong
WIDNR Update Fred Souba
MIDNR Update Deb Begalle
Scale & Cost of Seasonal Harvest Restrictions Mike Demchik
Invasive Worms Tara Bal
WI Indianhead Technical College BJ Williams
Northcentral Technical College Travis Allen
Nicolet College Dan Linsmeyer
Ticks Dr. Kirk Dahl
Benefits fo Public Forests – Doug Brown
GLTPA Henry Schienebeck
2019 2019 SF Brochure Forest Health Updates – Williams
Forest Health Updates – Wright
Deer Management Assistance Plan – Carlson
Keep More Money When Buying Timber – Metcalfe
Digital Age Timber Business Management – Bushor
WI/MI DOT Truck Weight Limits: Permits, Rules & Regulations – Aho
Mobile Technology & Forestry – Finding a Too to Meet Your Needs – Gibeault Wright
Glued Laminated Timber: History & Uses – Rhude
MI/WI Legislative Updates – Severt
2020 Cancelled due to COVID-19
2021 BROCHURE 2021 GLTPA-Schienebeck
Waldo Solutions-Huhta
John Deere-Lockhart
Green Timber Forestry-Kleiman
Timber Professionals Coop-Schoeneck
Renewable Resource Solutions-Peterson
Bell Pole-Boor
2022 2022 SF Brochure Markets Update-Bowe
Forest Health – Williams
Forest Health – Wright
Carbon Credits Panel – Miller
Carbon Credits Panel – Wegner
Carbon Credits Panel – Wood
Logging & Mill Safety Tips – Dessellier
Terestrial Invasives Panel – Peterson/Bjorklund/Page
Good Neighbor Authority Panel – Schultz/Cross
MI/WI Legislative Updates – Schienebeck

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