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The  Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program, now called FoodWIse, for Vilas, Florence and Forest Counties strives to reach individuals and families with limited resources to share information related to nutrition, feeding families on a limited budget and ways to stretch food dollars. Individuals and families eligible for food stamps are our primary audience.

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Current FoodSense Newsletter Topics:

  • How to Store Leftovers November 15, 2017
    Keep foods out of the “danger zone” Store foods in clean, food-grade containers After a meal, put leftovers in the refrigerator as quickly as possible. And more good ideas to store leftovers during this holiday season.
    Food $ense Team
  • Food for Thought…Healthy Retail September 12, 2017
    Did you know that you have a role in the kinds of food that are offered at your local grocery store or corner store? The type of foods that are offered depends on cost and demand.
    Food $ense Team
  • Turkey and Cucumber Sandwich September 5, 2017
    Cucumber and dill add great crunch and flavor to this sandwich.
    Food $ense Team
  • Dear Sue Keeney… August 29, 2017
    Dear Sue, I have a very limited budget for food. I try to purchase foods that are low cost, can go a long ways and are easy to prepare. I know these are not the most healthy options. How can I eat healthy and not go broke? Carl Full Spender
    Food $ense Team

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Contact Information

Areas of Expertise

Jeanne Richard

FoodWIse Nutrition Educator
Florence County – UW Extension
Florence Natural Resource Center 5628 Forestry Dr.
Florence, WI 54121Phone: 715-528-4480, Ext. 4
Fax: 715-528-5172
Jeanne Richard is a Nutrition Educator for Florence County providing nutritional information for families and children.

Karly Harrison

FoodWIse Nutrition Program Coordinator
for Florence, Forest, & Vilas Counties200 East Madison St.
Crandon, WI  54520
Karly is the FoodWIse in Coordinator for Vilas, Florence, and Forest Counties.