Story in a Bag

Congratulations to Carson (3rd Grade) and Aubry (5th Grade), winners of a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card. The gift cards were awarded by participating in “Story in a Bag” from Family Literacy Night!

UW Extension Madison- Florence County facilitated “Story in a Bag”, an activity for families to sit down together and write a story that included the three images each student picked out.

UW Florence County sends a big thank you to all the students and families who participated and wrote incredible stories. Also, a big thank you to Mrs. Wilcox for helping to review the stories.

Telling family stories helps children develop a sense of belonging in their family. Benefits are best when stories are personal and meaningful to the storyteller. Sharing family stories is a great way to connect parents and other adults with their children. You can learn more about family literacy and raising future readers by visiting

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